SWOP Behind Bars

Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) ~ Behind Bars

Sex Workers are extremely affected by stigma, violence, and [outdated] laws that made having consensual sex for pay a criminal act.

A pervasive number of Sex Workers are arrested each day for prostitution and prostitution-related crimes and then sentenced to serve time in county jails and prisons across America.

SWOP Behind Bars is committed to providing peer-led, support systems for Sex Workers who are currently doing time. We send out monthly newsletters and study materials. Sometimes we are able to provide books. We also have members who are committed to being pen pals to those inside who desire someone to exchange letters with.

We familiarize confined Sex Workers with the Sex Workers Rights Movement Community and bring awareness to them of the stigma, violence, and discrimination that befalls a large portion of Sex Workers due to the criminalization of consensual sex work, and let them know that they no longer have to feel isolated and alone or misunderstood.

SWOP Behind Bars is dedicated to providing community and support to Sex Workers upon their departure from the criminal justice system. We help those who want it by providing resource referrals and networking so that successful reentry is achievable and sustainable.

Sex Workers Outreach Project Behind Bars is a community where one can flourish and perhaps develop skills to become activists, leaders, and partners within the Sex Workers Rights Movement.

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