Sex work is consensual sexual labor or performance in exchange for compensation, such as cash or goods.
A Sex Worker is an individual who exchanges their own sexual labor or sexual performance for compensation, Sex Workers can be escorts or prostitutes, porn film actors and actresses, strippers and erotic dancers. Some become a dominatrix, a phone sex operator, or a web cam performer. They can be a sensual masseuse or masseur an even sugar babies.
The Sex Industry consists of, but not limited to; porn film directors, club owners, brothels and erotic massage parlors, escort services, adult retail stores, and webmasters. Some Sex Workers like to have a manager, a driver, or a bodyguard. We also have writers and photographers of the industry, like C.J. Asher and Maggie McNeil These jobs do not involve using any sexual labor of their own in their work. There are many components to the Sex Industry, but Sex Workers are categorical because it is our job that involves using actual and consensual  sexual labor. We are the backbone of the Sex Industry.
Different types of sex workers want different things. However, the majority of us agree that we want:
  • Full decriminalization of sex work;
  • Respect from our communities;
  • Recognition that our work is REAL.

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