What We Do

Public Education–Members give lectures at local universities, develop and present trainings at conferences and social service agencies. We create and distribute resources to help educate the public and reduce individual and institutional violence against Sex Workers.

Awareness—We hold public events, organize marches and protests, engage media advocacy and more to help raise awareness of issues of violence, stigma and discrimination in Sex Worker communities.

Advocacy—Members advocate on behalf of sex workers and against institutional policies, practices and laws that increase violence and stigma against our communities.

Empowerment and Leadership Development —We support the development of new leaders through retreats, training, and education on rights, community organizing, and inter-sectional social justice frameworks.

Peer Support—Members create peer-led programming to support sex workers. We create and maintain bad date lists, conduct online and street-based outreach, hold workshops, and develop informational resources for community members.

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